Dramatic Stages in Nature

Picture by Jyoshith Anand

The subtle wonders of the natures start setting up,

Laying themselves to be a dramatic staged play.

Showcasing the cerulean blue of early mornings,

Potraying the tanginess of the orange afternoons,

Welcoming violet and lilac mixtures of the evenings,

And finally fading into the enchanting black nights.

The lake gleaming like crystals and diamonds,

As the majestic sun broadly smiles and shines on it.

The calm breezes travelling all over the forest,

Carrying pleasant scents and beautiful messages.

The trees singing as the winds become musicians,

Rustling their leaves and making the flowers dance.

The fallen leaves of the autumn the stage confetti,

The toadstools the actors, the tiny ones understudies.

The misty floating over the lake like the curtains,

Constantly veiling and unveiling the stage behind them.

The guest appearance of the hopping rabbits and hares,

And the backdrop of the cloudy sky changing it’s colours.

The sometimes crimson mood transcending timely beauty,

And the warm yellows of the sun acting like the spotlight.

The silhouttes of the mountains and depth of the valleys,

Along with green meadows and the lively colourful soils,

Separately beautiful but together, complimenting grandeur.

The humility of nature oozing out in it’s many diverse forms,

It’s dramatic aspects as immortal as the transience of time.

Picture by Jyoshith Anand

All the pictures in this post are a courtesy of Jyoshith Anand.
(Apparently, his jawline isn’t the only sharp thing he has.)


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  1. Reblogged this on Manavi Kunwar and commented:

    Another one up on “The Mughmara Chronicles” 😀

    Please check it out.

    It also features pictures by Jyoshith Anand. 😀


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