Towards Death

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Once, there were four guys who were prowling in their town on a rainy day, enjoying the weather. The clouds were roaring and thundering, accompanied with continuous lightning. The boys were looking for shelter as it was about to rain and that is when they saw a tree at a distance, big enough to protect them from rain. But as they started moving towards the tree the lightning started to act as a hindrance. It fell on the ground, here and there and every time they were saved by an inch or so. One of them then joked, “It seems one of us has his death destined today”. All of them paid heed to his statement. Then they all resolved that one-by-one all of them will go and touch that tree at a distance and will come back to the point where they are standing thinking that if one among them has his death destined today then he’ll die on his way to that tree. All of them agreed to this. The first guy went and came back without getting hurt and so did the second and third. Now, it was the chance of the fourth guy to keep up with their promise. He shrugged in rejection and refused to go. He gave a logic that didn’t make sense to the others. Deep down, he thought and was very sure and that because all of his friends made it back safely without a scratch he is the one who isn’t going to make to make it back. He was very frightened but his friends were adamant on sending him. With a heavy heart and tears at the corner of his eyes he took few steps and that is when the lightning struck his three friends standing behind him.

This tale is one of my grandfather’s favorite tales. He explains death by saying “It’s an inevitable universal event.” Death is one of the most puzzling topic. Even thinkers and theorists don’t have much idea about it. They’re on the same page very much like us, who like everyone else believe in the universal fact that death is going to embrace us all sooner or later. But whenever we think of Death nothing comes to our mind, it’s all dark and everything around is usually black. Having no content, people usually talk of Death as a metaphor but for the most of us Death will always be constituted as a loss.

Death and birth are very much related. The moment we’re born, every step we take is towards our grave. According to some of our religious scriptures, Death is real and is the gate to another life. It is not the end but the beginning of one’s life to another based on our karms in this life. Whereas the other scriptures suggest that after a person dies, his soul which is immortal is either punished or rewarded based upon his karms on The Day of Judgement. For those who don’t believe in this ideology, death is unreal to them and is nothing but a dark, black wall. I would say that Death is real and is everyone’s final tumblr_l6cvpzfart1qzgcpyo1_500destination. However, we all live towards the possibility of having a bright future but we rarely think about our deaths. We don’t discuss Death as much as we discuss our future.

People usually refrain from talking about Death because of the constant fear of ‘loss’. Death allays a person from all his pains and suffering but at times what a person leaves behind is people in pain and suffering because they lose that person forever which is the biggest loss. This sorrowful loss makes everyone fear death because when a person dies he doesn’t die alone, he takes a part of everyone’s soul along with him, especially the ones who loved him and cherished his  existence.

On one fine day, we all are going to embrace death. Either as a 6 year old free spirited child or as a 60 year old stubborn granny; that’s destined. But what is left upon is how we live our life till then. We can either shake and tremble with fear and start to chant hymns and verses or we put our shades on and start doing what we feel is correct without giving a damn about anyone. The correct to way to live your life to a peaceful death is somewhere in between these two mantras. We should fear death but should live life accordingly, by spreading positivity and happiness around us and by giving a just enough damn about people who actually care about us. 😉



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  1. Tanya Kathuria says:

    Love the article! Never thought so much about death in under 2 mins! xD Good job Juvairiah 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you much. Means a lot!


  2. What a well written an thought provoking piece, Juvairiah! 👏👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked it, Hashmat. 🙂


  3. This article is so powerful.
    If only one knows and understands the literal meaning of it.
    Juvairiah , I’m glad you wrote about such an important topic yet undiscussed.


    1. thank you so much.Glad you liked it!


  4. Alyka zaidi says:

    Good content framing.


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