I wish someday,
When I finally die,
Am burned and dust,
Flown and free finally,
I meet my father’s ashes,
Somewhere deep in the river,
Somewhere clay at the bay,
Where finally someone,
Collects us both,
For once we’d be,
In the same vessel.

I wish someday,
If I control contracts,
I’d father my father,
To see if it was fair,
Was it beyond repair?
I’d wed, I’d not,
At least for once,
To not keep my mother distraught.

I wish someday,
I could make myself,
Less invective and inventive,
More vindictive and viscous,
I could live more,
Thrive more, connive more,
Rather than bullets in my chest.

I wish someday,
The urn of my ashes,
The burn of my bashes,
Spreads a little in the forest,
A little in the plain,
A little on the mountain,
A little in the ocean,
A little on the beach,
A little on the city,
I never could reach,
Just for once,
So I can conceive,
I have finally seen the world.


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