About Us

We’re just a bunch of college goers trying to make our mark on the world.
At Mughmara, we try to get as many as people involved as we can. We believe our community needs youngsters like us to speak up or maybe just have a little fun?

Basically, we intended to make a platform for all age groups for various genres of writing; whether it’s travel, food or literature. As responsible students we are also trying to raise awareness towards issues unspoken. Most of us are aspiring bachelor’s students from Delhi and Lucknow, our mission is to create an online outreach towards teenagers just like us to speak up and share! Building an online community can be overwhelming but The Mughmara Chronicles aims to create a portal of ease.

For the curious minds, Mughmara means Adventures in Arabic.Submissions of various genres are welcomed,  for which you can check our submissions page .
You can know more about our team from our Team Page.

Hope you enjoy your visit.