Submit To Us!

For anyone who wants to submit their pieces or photographs. Please email us at
We’ll be happy to publish them, and if not we’ll surely give you feedback.

Here are some guidelines for submitting a piece to us –

1. Sections
There are various sections for which you can write for; Travel writing, The foodies section, Literary pieces, News arena and if you have any other topic you’d like to write on – please contact us through our facebook page or email. We’re very responsive.

2. Content
Travel writing includes your personal experiences with places you’ve been to. It could be a locality nearby or even a hill station up north. We want to see the best output you can input to us!

The foodies section as the name suggests is all about food. You can give your reviews on restaurants, cuisines or even recipes you cherish. It’s all up to you but it should be about foood and only food.

The literary section includes articles, poems, short stories. Anything close to that genre is welcomed.. Although we would recommend some travel or food element but it’s your choice how you swing it.

The news arena is subjective to what topic you choose. Please be as non offensive and unbiased as you can. We will not support any kind of blunt blame games or political frenzy. You’re entitled to your opinion but please be very careful with your words.

Other than this, other genres of submissions are welcomed. Please consult us before writing about it as we will be giving you contributor rights on the website.

3. Photographs.
We recommend you to submit personal work only. We will have a picture gallery where your work will be published. Please include your watermark on the lower right corner of the photo, if you’re only submitting a photograph.
For those who attach your photographs with your articles, original work only.
We do not support any kind of plagiarism.
It is highly recommended to attach at least 1-2 photographs with your article. Although not necessary.

4. Editing
Your piece will go through 2 levels of editing. Our sub editors will go through it first, then the Chief editors/ managing editors. If your article is rejected by the sub editor, it might not reach the second level of editing. We are very keen on your involvement so instead of pure rejection, we will provide you ways to improve the article as per our guidelines and publish it then. (If we see scope)

6. More than 1 submission is welcomed.
7. After your article is approved we’ll email you with further steps.
8. This is a student initiative, so there isn’t any renumeration for now.

Please mention the section which you have submitted your piece to in the subject area of the email.

We hope you enjoy this experience with us as much as we will. Contact us for more details.

Twitter: @MughmaraC

Instagram: themughmarachronicles